A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Mortar's Pirate is a game where you're a pirate that need drink rum, if you don't drink rum yo'll die.

There are 2 Mortars that will shoot you and you'll have to avoid the shoots and sometimes will fall boxes with PoweUps inside, There're 2 Power Ups, the first PowerUp will give you more velocity for 2 seconds and the second PowerUp will give you more Field Of View to view better.

How long will you endure alive?


All Assets was made for me(3D Object,Music,UI... etc), Except the main character(Player)

I decided do this game to increment my portfolio and also to learn and have more experience about of the create games and Unity Engine


Mortar's Pirates MacOs Version.app.zip 105 MB
Mortar's Pirates Windows Version.zip 99 MB

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